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I often get asked why people here should care about the mid 18th century in New England here in the mountains of North Georgia. There are multiple answers. However, the main reason is to demonstrate the events leading up to and during The French/Indian war, which many call the first, first world war. More importantly for this region is the impact that the treaties that followed the war had. The lives of the Cherokee, Creek, and other nations were turned upside down.
Empires crumbled here.
After the war, the Iroquois were given treaty rights to pass through the Shawnee lands in Pennsylvania unmolested. The Iroquois ''opened up'' the Appalachian Trail raiding Cherokee then Creek settlements, killing the men and selling the women and children to slavers in Charleston and Savannah. Large areas of land were depopulated for two generations. The void was later filled by people from displaced civilizations who were called the Seminole.
This often untold story belongs to all of us here, so it is fitting that we tell it.


  • Living history museums allow us to understand history by interaction instead of just reading.
  • There will be a recreation of Bedford NH, 1774 to interperet Colonial craft.
  • The Cherokee settlement will interpret daily life in mid 18th century.
  • The 18th century farmstead will consist of a cabin, a barn, a small workshop, and stump dotted fields.
  • The French and Indian War changed North Georgia in amazing ways.


This is our story, the story of here, before the gold.
Duke and Dan are always ready to work.
Log cabin building class.
Our outreach program brings us to you. The blacksmith is always a favorite of the crowd.
Our blacksmith offers many items and puts on a great show!
Winter adds her own magic. Our Christmas season is a community favorite.