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About Us

Talent & Management Consulting helps small businesses through organizational development, talent management and mitigation of human capital risk.

We help hire the right people from the start and create workplaces where employees are motivated, productive and engaged. We offer small businesses a proven methodology to:

• Attract, hire, manage, develop, reward and retain talent as a source of competitive advantage
• Develop a culture of high performance aligned with the mission , vision and values of the business
• Improve business performance and maximize the HR function

Our proven methodology helps design strategies to select people whose talent and behavioral preferences match the requirements of a job.
We are passionate about Organization Development as a way to increase business performance while creating a productive and engaged workforce. Through organizational assessments, we also help identify gaps in the system and develop concrete steps to achieve improvements. This process helps prioritize development needs and fine-tuned business plans to accelerate the achievement of organizational goals.

Other services offered include: culture assessment, mission, vision and values formulation; employees’ development training, team building, conflict management, leadership assessment (DISC), cash flow management evaluation, strategic planning, and succession planning.

We bring organization development to small businesses to maximize their sustainability and success.


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